24 Apr

City of Winter Park Solar Installation

Last summer, the City Commission approved an agreement with Clean Footprint, Central Florida's leading solar development and finance company to add solar energy into our city's electric power supply portfolio. This solar project, developed by Clean Footprint and ESA Renewables, LLC, another Florida-based solar company, generates 100kW of clean, green energy and is the city's first, largest and only solar energy project to date.

"This venture into solar photovoltaic panels is a victory for all of the city's electric customers. For those seeking a smaller carbon footprint, solar energy answers that need. In addition, solar is an alternative energy source that provides a hedge against future electric rate increases. This is a huge step for the city as it relates to entering into a more sustainable energy source," said Electric Utility Director Jerry Warren.

"All other sources of energy will fluctuate in pricing. Solar is an ideal choice granting municipalities and companies access to low-cost and stable electric prices for up to 30 years," said John Porter, managing partner of Clean Footprint.

With the completion of the Winter Park solar installation, the City of Winter Park becomes a leader amongst Florida cities committed toproviding renewable energy to their citizens. To truly see why the city has fallen "head over heels in love" with these new solar panels, bucket trucks will be available for the media to get a bird's-eye view of the roof top panels.

For more information, please visit www.cityofwinterpark.org or www.clean-footprint.com.

Maureen McHale

Maureen McHale

Maureen McHale is a Marketing Consultant for Clean Footprint.