4 Jan

Clean Footprint Launches 2017 New Year Florida Solar Sales Campaign

In the wake of Solar Constitutional Amendment I & IV controversy, solar developer re-enters the Florida market to help lower electricity costs.

florida-solar-1.jpgCape Canaveral, FL, January 2, 2017 – Clean Footprint, Florida’s leading solar development and finance company, has decided to reinvigorate sales efforts in the state. Two Constitutional Amendments on the ballot this year, Amendments I and IV, dramatically increased public awareness about the benefits of solar energy. Aside from the health and environmental benefits associated with clean energy, the economic benefits are astounding with the potential of lowering the cost of living globally. According to a recent article in Popular Mechanics magazine, “Solar power is now the world’s cheapest energy source.”

“The implications of having a cheap, fixed cost of energy are truly remarkable,” said John Porter, company CEO. "Energy costs impact every aspect of our lives, therefore cheaper energy means a lower cost of living for everyone.” 

Several factors have caused the decline in solar prices. Technology is improving the efficiency of panels so fewer are needed to produce the same amount of power. Secondly, the federal investment tax credit (ITC) has been extended and continues to stimulate investment through corporate tax incentives, which drives down the cost. Finally, there is public awareness concerning the facts about solar power including the misperception that it is more expensive than traditional non-renewable sources of energy. These factors, among others, have strengthened demand for solar energy causing improved manufacturing efficiencies that will enable stabilized costs in the future.

“Unlike fossil fuels, which are commodity based and carry the increasing costs of extraction and refinement, solar costs are based on the fixed capital cost of the equipment and those costs are going down,” said Kurt Easton, Managing Partner of Clean Footprint who is leading the Florida campaign. “We are very optimistic about our latest efforts in Florida, which are now supported by a return on investment in as little as 3 years. When these systems are paid for the cost of electricity is reduced to virtually zero.” Easton explained as a compelling case for solar sales.

About Clean Footprint
Located in Central Florida, Clean Footprint is a solar development and finance company focused on utility scale, commercial and industrial solar projects. Clean Footprint works together with landowners and local installers to build reliable, cost effective and sustainable solar projects.

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Wes Morrison

Wes Morrison

Wes Morrison is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Clean Footprint. He can be reached by phone 321-593-2335 or email at wes.morrison@clean-footprint.com.