FREE WEBINAR ON DEMAND: The Who, Where and How of Installing a Solar Array

Duration: 20 Minutes (with Q&A)

Presenter: Eliza Porter | Chief Learning Officer



Installing Solar Does NOT Have to Be Complicated

Watch our on demand Webinar to learn about installing solar photovoltaics. This webinar is designed for Facility Managers who want to install solar but are unsure of the installation process. We will discuss the who, where, and how of installing a solar array. 

  • WHO: Who does the responsibility of installing a solar array fall to? Is there more than one person involved?
  • WHERE: Where can a solar array be installed? Where is best location for my organization's needs?
  • HOW: How is an array installed? Does the process differ depending on where the array is located?

These questions and more will be covered, in addition to a Q&A session at the end of the webinar. 

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