23 Apr

4 Words Guaranteed to Save You Money: Solar. Power. Purchase. Agreement.

Have you ever heard of a company that doesn’t want to save money? Neither have I. Expenses come in many shapes and sizes and all too often there isn’t enough money to cover them all. Therefore, when there is an opportunity to save money at no cost to your company, it makes sense to take advantage of it. Clean Footprint has made it easy to do exactly that; save money with no capital investment. Here are 4 words we love that are guaranteed to save your company money!

Solar electricity of course! It’s renewable, environmentally friendly, quiet, and cost effective. Solar is gaining a lot of traction in the energy sector and is becoming a leading renewable energy source. Solar PV technology works by harnessing sunlight and transforming it into AC electricity that can be used to power homes, offices, hospitals, schools, and any other type of building.

Electrical power is what the solar array produces. The solar panels convert sunlight into DC electricity. The electricity is pumped through the inverter(s) where it is then converted into AC electricity, compatible for use by modern electronics.

The host client, who takes advantage of the electricity produced by the array, purchases the power from the solar company, who owns the array. Through a solar PPA, only the electricity is sold; not the solar equipment. The solar company owns and maintains the solar array and the host client purchases the electricity produced.

The solar PPA is a legally binding contract that outlines the roles and responsibilities of the host client and the solar company. The host client agrees to pay the solar company monthly for the electricity generated by the array. The electricity is sold by the kWh at a specified rate priced below that of the utility. The solar company agrees to sell the electricity generated by the array to the host client and no one else. This ensures that the host client gets a good price on renewable electricity and the solar company gets paid for the energy the array produces.

Put those four words and ideas together and you have a solar PPA: the most effective way to finance the best form of renewable electricity generation. I’m sure most of you know how a solar PPA works by now, but if you don’t here is a blog that explains it in more detail.

So how exactly is it guaranteed to save you money? Well, through the solar PPA, the solar company (Clean Footprint) covers all the equipment and installation costs so there is no out-of-pocket investment for the host client. While this alone is an attractive aspect, we are only getting started. The electricity purchased via the solar PPA is priced at a 15 to 20% savings compared to what the host client currently pays their utility. It might not seem like much the first year, but think of the potential savings over the next 20 years. Solar PPA electricity prices don’t fluctuate either. The price is locked in for the duration of the contract. As volatile fossil fuel prices rise, fall, and rise again, the host client is unaffected. A PPA

Saving money is just one benefit of installing solar with a PPA. To find out more benefits give us a call at (321) 613-4424 or visit us online at www.clean-footprint.com. If your company wants to install solar, we will give you a FREE QUOTE to show you how much money you can save!

Eliza Porter

Eliza Porter

Eliza is the Chief Learning Officer for Clean Footprint. As the Chief Learning Officer, she is responsible for writing and editing blogs, e-books, videos and white papers as well as other learning content created for Clean Footprint’s developer partners and clients. Eliza attended New York University in Paris, France and studied Global Liberal Studies before moving to Florida and joining the Clean Footprint team. She also studied Business and Entrepreneurship at the University of Central Florida.