4 Aug

5 Easy Steps to Read Your Electric Meter

Have you ever wondered what all those dials and numbers mean on your manual meter? Now, you can learn how to read your electric meter correctly interpret them.

1. The first step is to have the dial on the right when you are standing in front of your meter. Each hand moves counterclockwise or clockwise, in the opposite direction of either dial.

2. To get an accurate read on your meter, record the smaller number if the hand is between two numbers. Use 9 as the lower number if the dial is between 0 and 9.

3. You should now continue to read the dials from right to left. It is important to use the last number the hand passes. Also, record the direction in which the hand is moving.

4. If the dial is lying exactly on a number, ensure that the dial has passed 0 and is going towards 1. Use the following lowest number if the dial to the right has not passed 0.

5. Don’t forget to record your meter number while you are analyzing your meter. This number might be needed when reporting your meter reading.

You can find your next meter reading scheduled date on your service bill. This information can be found on your account details page of your account. Have you ever wondered how much you can save with solar?

Wes Morrison

Wes Morrison

Wes Morrison is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Clean Footprint. He can be reached by phone 321-593-2335 or email at wes.morrison@clean-footprint.com.