19 Mar

8 Solar Acronyms You Must Know ASAP

I heard an old saying “Why is the word Acronym so long?” and it made me laugh out loud or better said, LOL. We live in a world of acronyms and often the lingo can overwhelm us.

To help clear some things, up, here are the 8 Basic Solar Acronyms that you should know. If you're interested in learning more, download the Solar Dictionary 57 Terms as well. Just fill out the form to the right and you will have it instantly.

Solar Acronyms

PV – Photovoltaic
kW – kilowatts (relates to the size of the system)
kWh – kilowatt hours (relates to the electricity production of the system)
ITC – Investment Tax Credit (currently 30%)
MACRS – Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (depreciation)
RECs – Renewable Energy Certificates
PPA – Power Purchase Agreement
O&M – Operations and Maintenance

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Wes Morrison

Wes Morrison

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