Eliza Porter

Eliza is the Chief Learning Officer for Clean Footprint. As the Chief Learning Officer, she is responsible for writing and editing blogs, e-books, videos and white papers as well as other learning content created for Clean Footprint’s developer partners and clients. Eliza attended New York University in Paris, France and studied Global Liberal Studies before moving to Florida and joining the Clean Footprint team. She also studied Business and Entrepreneurship at the University of Central Florida.

Recent Posts

23 Apr

A Net Metering Credit Purchase Agreement (NMA) is rather new to the solar finance industry. It is very similar to a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) except instead of selling power,

9 Apr

Clean Footprint works with clients who want to go solar to reduce their electricity costs. We finance these projects through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). This allows us to provide our client with

25 Mar

The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities approved a utility rate increase of up to 40% in November 2014. Massachusetts historically has experienced high electricity prices compared with

19 Mar

A power purchase agreement, also referred to as a PPA, is a great way to finance a solar installation. While this may seem like a daunting task, rest assured that most of the

5 Mar

Does your company use a lot of electricity? Is your electric bill hurting your bottom line? Do you wish there was some way to decrease your electric bill by as much as

4 Mar

A Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) is a directive that requires energy producers to generate a certain percentage of their electricity from renewable sources.

2 Mar

A solar renewable energy credit (SREC) encompasses all the renewable energy benefits of the electricity generated by a solar array. One SREC is equivalent to one Mwh of solar

25 Feb

Is the price volatility of coal and natural gas harming your company’s bottom line? Do you need a new fuel option that is more stable? Have you been asking yourself “Why go solar?”

19 Feb

Have you ever struggled with your budget? Are there projects you wish to complete but think you can't afford? If you struggle with your budget as an energy or sustainability manager,

13 Feb

Are you wanting to install solar on your building but are running into opposition from your coworkers or your boss?