25 Feb

Energy Manager: Renewable Energy Answers to “Why Go Solar?”

Is the price volatility of coal and natural gas harming your company’s bottom line? Do you need a new fuel option that is more stable? Have you been asking yourself “Why go solar?”

You may have noticed that gas prices were relatively low for a period of time, but are rapidly increasing once again. Historically, prices of coal, natural gas and oil have all been subject to much instability. As a result of this fluctuation, utility prices rise and fall as well. The only way to protect your company from this price volatility is to avoid buying electricity from your utility. This may seem absurd, but when looking at all the renewable, alternative options, it sounds absurd to continue buying from your utility.

When presented with the question “Why go solar?,” Clean Footprint reminds you that solar is renewable.

Renewable energy sources are much better for the environment than non-renewable sources. They tend to cause much less pollution and are generally less destructive. The main difference though is that renewable energy sources are replenishable within a human timeframe. Non-renewables, also called fossil fuels, are not replenishable within a human timeframe; the sources are limited which causes price volatility.

Here are a few examples of each:

Renewable Energy Sources Non-Renewable Energy Sources
Solar Natural Gas
Wind Coal
Hydropower Oil
Geothermal Nuclear

Solar electricity in particular is a wonderful alternative to natural gas. It does not create much pollution and it stabilizes your electricity costs. As a fuel source, solar is much cheaper to harvest than non-renewables. With solar panels, the electricity is created and used right on your building. The sun is always shining meaning your panels will always be creating electricity. With solar panels producing electricity at a stable price for the next 25 years, who wouldn’t think “Why not go solar?.”

With the right solar company and the right financing method, you can begin saving money day one by switching to solar! Remember that with Clean Footprint, there is no money down! Read our blog about our Solar Power Purchase Agreement to learn how you can go solar with a zero dollar budget.

When asking “Why go solar?,” consider that it is renewable and keep Clean Footprint in mind!

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Eliza Porter

Eliza Porter

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