5 Mar

Energy Managers: Solar Development Helps Offset High Energy Consumption

Does your company use a lot of electricity? Is your electric bill hurting your bottom line? Do you wish there was some way to decrease your electric bill by as much as 20%? Look no further, Clean Footprint is here to help!

When you go solar with Clean Footprint, we aim to help you save 15-20% off your current electric bill by providing you with solar electricity at a savings to what your utility company currently charges.

High electricity consumption affects many companies. A variety of factors including lighting, HVAC systems and the machines that your company uses contribute to high electricity consumption. Making your building energy efficient by installing LED lights and higher efficiency HVAC systems will help reduce your electricity consumption, but a large upfront cost can be associated with these energy efficiency retrofits.

Going solar can provide your company with the necessary funds to make these energy efficiency upgrades to your building(s). When installing solar with Clean Footprint, there is no upfront cost. Clean Footprint finances the solar installation through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). A PPA allows us to sell solar produced electricity directly to your company at an immediate savings. These savings can be put towards other projects such as energy efficiency upgrades that need additional capital.

A large roof or ground space is needed to install solar. Ideally, solar is installed on a building’s roof and connected directly into the electricity meter on site.  However, some roofs may not be suitable for solar, in which case a ground install may be considered. If you would like to find out how much solar your roof or ground can hold, please contact one of our solar professionals at info@clean-footprint.com.

When you decide to go solar, Clean Footprint will look at your roof and ground space to determine where a solar array would fit best. Depending on dynamics such as your company’s electricity consumption, available space, and energy cost, Clean Footprint can provide a customized plan for your company to go solar. Keep in mind the higher your company’s consumption, the more roof or ground space is needed to power your building.

In order to get your solar development process started, Clean Footprint provides a free energy cost analysis (ECA). The ECA is based on the past 12 months of your company’s electric bills (which you supply). When looking at those electric bills, we take into consideration your monthly consumption and current electricity price to provide an estimate of how much you can save by going solar with Clean Footprint’s Power Purchase Agreement.

See how much your company can save with our Free Solar Quote or give us a call at (321) 613-4424 to get a more detailed ECA.


Eliza Porter

Eliza Porter

Eliza is the Chief Learning Officer for Clean Footprint. As the Chief Learning Officer, she is responsible for writing and editing blogs, e-books, videos and white papers as well as other learning content created for Clean Footprint’s developer partners and clients. Eliza attended New York University in Paris, France and studied Global Liberal Studies before moving to Florida and joining the Clean Footprint team. She also studied Business and Entrepreneurship at the University of Central Florida.