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How Clean Footprint Answers the Question"Why Go Solar?"


 As the solar market expands and solar technology improves, there are more and more reasons to go solar. At Clean Footprint, solar is our life and we love it. We are often asked why we support solar energy and everyone’s answers are different but have one common theme: solar is a wonderful option for clean, renewable electricity and will save the client money beginning on day one! 

Several members of our Clean Footprint team have taken a look at the various benefits of going solar. Take a look at the financial, environmental, operational, and political benefits that solar has to offer.


John Kluwin, our CFO, addresses the financial benefits of going solar in response to “why go solar?”

            “I believe that the financial benefits of going solar can be reason enough to make the decision to do so. Financially speaking, now is the best time to go solar. As utility costs continue to fluctuate unexpectedly and in some areas spike at double-digit rates, solar can provide a stabilized electricity cost for up to 25 years. With a Power Purchase Agreement, solar can provide savings immediately and those savings will increase each year as utility costs rise. For property owners with large roofs and low electricity consumption, it may be best to look into solar site leases. A solar site lease is where a solar company like Clean Footprint will lease your roof, ground space or parking lot for the installation of solar. The electricity produced will be sold offsite and in return the property owner will be paid a site lease payment. This is a great way to turn otherwise unused space into a revenue generating asset. When you ask, ‘why go solar,’ the most common answer will almost always be the financial benefits and potential for saving money.”

Wes Morrison, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, depicts the operational benefits in his answer to “why go solar?”

            “Electricity is always working behind business operations and solar helps operations in its main function to coordinate the production and distribution processes. With less electricity being required from the grid the financial cost to operate is lowered. These savings can be reinvested in other operations projects that improve efficiencies. So in effect, using solar to power a facility is an operational strategy that can improve the success of the goods or service provided.

            Optimizing space is a goal for operations of any successful venture. With proper planning, organization and communication a solar energy plan can help achieve the performance goals that are set.  From open roofs and fields to expansive parking lots, Clean Footprint discovers the potential of every site to ensure maximum solar optimization.  Solar electricity releases the power of clean energy potential for any operation to be lean and green. By taking advantage of solar energy, unused roof, ground and lot space can become a revenue stream to benefit your company’s operations.”

Jeff Null, Director of Administration, answers, “why go solar?” with the environmental benefits.

            “While the debate about global climate change has been ongoing for quite some time, it has been widely accepted in the scientific community that climate change is happening, it’s happening at a rate far exceeding natural climate cycles, and that human activity, such as the burning of fossil fuels for energy, is the primary cause. This issue caught my attention during my undergraduate studies as a chemist where I began to understand how the simplest action can induce a chain reaction that ripples throughout an entire system; it was then I realized how delicate our ecosystem really is. Our planet is nothing more than a large buffer system. The earth has a finite capacity for contamination, and we have reached this natural carrying capacity and are now beginning to see the consequences of rapidly unbalancing our ecosystem. Armed with this knowledge and the fear of what may happen if we do not act, I have dedicated my life to the large-scale development of solar photovoltaic technology; I have chosen to go solar. Why? That’s simple. Radiating more energy onto the earth each hour than the entire human population uses in one whole year, the sun is the most abundant source of energy currently available for human consumption, and it releases no carbon dioxide or other harmful greenhouse gasses during its conversion into electricity. Once manufactured, solar panels are easily scalable and provide solar electricity for decades with little environmental impact. In short, solar is the most viable environmentally sustainable technology currently available to meet mankind’s energy demand; that is why I chose solar.”          

John Porter, CEO of Clean Footprint, takes into consideration the political aspects of asking, “why go solar?”

            “Government exists to serve the people and to provide for our common defense. Government policy at all levels must support renewable energy to serve the best interests of all of us. The mass adoption of solar will end our need to defend the oil fields and shipping lanes that transport oil to western markets. This will save trillions of dollars and save precious lives. If we do not 'go solar' our own military believes that climate change will cause mass migrations of people fleeing sea level rise and food shortages from multi-year droughts.

            Our domestic safety and economic well-being is tied to what we all choose to do as consumers, but the government must lead the way through smart policy like the Investment Tax Credit and state level incentives. We do know that shifting to solar as our primary energy source will reduce premature deaths from air pollution and over time will actually lower the cost of energy for all of us, freeing up more expendable income to fuel our economy.

           The future is very bright if we all go solar but the government must continue to play the catalytic roll through smart policy and accelerate the changeover to a 'clean energy economy'. Go Solar!”


Considering the many benefits going solar has to offer, it is no wonder that solar energy is becoming a leading renewable energy technology. Saving money is a motivating factor in going solar, but when you take into account the other rewards that come along too, going solar just makes sense. Solar benefits the individual, the company, the environment and the government. These are only four answers to “why go solar” but there are many more that can be examined on an individual basis.

If you have additional questions about “why go solar,” please contact us or give us a call at (321) 613-4424.

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Eliza Porter

Eliza Porter

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