22 Apr

How Schools and Businesses are Celebrating Earth Day

Earth Day started in 1970 and is now becoming more and more popular. Over the past several years we are starting to see that protecting the earth is a topic around public policy, schools and business culture. Whether it is a recycling program that incentivizes its citizens or a biking program that allows clean transportation - we cannot deny that the issues that negatively impact the earth are being solved.

We recently had a chance to attend a solar rally in Tallahassee Florida put on by the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy where we took the time to interview people about why they wanted to see more solar on their campus and in their community. We designed a form that was shared throughout the school and called the campaign “Seminoles for Solar”. The responses have been inspiring and overwhelming. What we found out is that our millennial generation is taking a leadership role to protect the earth.

The campus has taken initiatives on sustainability such as cleanup programs, research on new technologies and now addressing a desire for solar. If you would like to sign up and join the movement that simply acknowledges a major issue on Earth Day then go to www.americansforsolar.com or if you are a student, parent, faculty or fan at Florida State University then go to www.seminolesforsolar.com to sign up. By signing up you simply agree that you would like to see more solar in your community or campus.

Florida State University is certainly one of thousands of schools who are addressing the issue. Celebrations all across the United States are happening today to make the earth a priority and they are not only on college campuses. Businesses like Sunseed Co-op, based in Cape Canaveral, Florida, are throwing Earth Day party’s in their parking lot to create awareness in the community. It was exactly one year ago that Sunseed Co-op made a decision to go solar. Clean Footprint installed a rooftop solar array which allows them to receive immediate savings on the electric bill and reduce their carbon footprint.

To see the press release then click here and if you are local and want to attend the event it will be going on from 1:00pm till 6:00pm today where they will have live music, raffles and food.

Maureen McHale

Maureen McHale

Maureen McHale is a Marketing Consultant for Clean Footprint.