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Solar Site Lease for Roof-Mounted Solar Arrays


Clean Footprint is excited to introduce our new Solar Site Lease program for Massachusetts business and commercial property owners! We want to pay you cash for your unused rooftops or ground area. This will help provide clean, renewable electricity to your surrounding community while generating a profit for you. This week, we will focus on the Solar Site Lease program for rooftops.


What is a rooftop solar site lease?

          Under a roof site lease, we pay you for your otherwise unused roof space and then install solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on it. This provides clean electricity that we then sell to members of the surrounding community. All you need to do is lease us the space; Clean Footprint takes care of the rest.


Why is this a good option for me?

          First and foremost, Clean Footprint will pay you a large cash bonus up front for allowing us to lease your roof space. We will also pay quarterly lease payments for the duration of the lease, which is generally between twenty and twenty-five years in length. At the lease termination, we will remove the solar array at no cost to you. We are simply turning unused area into a revenue-generating asset. In addition to the financial benefits, the Solar Site Lease program offers numerous environmental and social benefits. By incorporating solar panels within your property, you are showing the community you have taken a proactive stance in reducing humanity’s impact on Earth and its ecosystems. In some cases, this may even increase traffic at your location by demonstrating to customers that you have taken a step towards ameliorating the environment by reducing, or offsetting, your carbon footprint via solar. While you may not consume the solar electricity generated by the array, its presence at your place of business remains a visual reminder to your customers and employees of your environmental commitment.


How does it work?

          Once you have agreed to the lease, we will install solar panels directly on your roof. Different roofs require different installation methods, which we will discuss more on an individual basis, but typically these methods cause no harm to the roof or structure. Once the array is installed, it is connected to the utility grid. The electricity generated by the array on your roof is used elsewhere in your community. Clean Footprint designs, installs, operates, maintains, removes and owns the array and covers all costs associated therein. We do it all - you simply sit back, relax, and collect your rent money. You can also rest easy knowing that Clean Footprint carries individual insurance policies covering each array just in case the unexpected happens, making this a risk free way to generate some extra revenue!


Am I the ideal candidate?

          The ideal rooftop candidate for our Solar Site Lease program has a new, large, flat metal roof that has few to no obstructions and no shading. This is the best-case scenario for maximum lease payments and solar electricity production. We understand that this exact roof scenario is hard to come by so don’t be discouraged if you don’t meet some or even most of the criteria; we consider each roof on an individual basis. We will look at your roof, evaluate it, and see how we can proceed in such a way that maximizes your benefits. Keep in mind that if your roof does not work out, we also have the Solar Site Lease program for ground mounted systems.


Allowing Clean Footprint to lease your roof space is a no brainer for any business minded person! You will get paid while helping your community and the environment, all with something that is easy and risk free. And remember, with our Solar Site Lease program, you do not use the electricity generated by the panels on your property. If you would like to have solar installed for your personal consumption, a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) may be a better alternative for your organization.

 Need more information? Call one of our solar professionals today to get more information about the possibilities of turning your roof into a revenue-generating asset. Please give us a call at (321) 615-4424 or visit us online and we will give you more information. 


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Eliza Porter

Eliza Porter

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