19 Feb

The Top 9 Benefits of Solar PV

If you are considering solar let’s see what makes it so special.

We are talking about electricity here and we view this as a commodity. It’s that stuff that we need when we have to flip a light switch or watch TV. Where it comes from does not bother me just as long as the lights stay on. What really makes solar electricity unique is that its clean, renewable and helps the environment! Below is a list of the major benefits solar PV has to offer:

1.) Stability in Price
2.) Independence on Energy
3.) Reduce Carbon Footprint
4.) Return on Investment
5.) Positive Branding
6.) Job Creation
7.) Reliable
8.) Quiet Production
9.) Baby Seals Love You!

We hope this helps you see the top reasons why there is such a big movement towards going solar. Solar electricity is actually free and that is a benefit in itself, however the cost is invested in how we harness the energy and redistribute into electricity so you can use it to keep your refrigerator cold and your TV on.

Wes Morrison

Wes Morrison

Wes Morrison is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Clean Footprint. He can be reached by phone 321-593-2335 or email at wes.morrison@clean-footprint.com.