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Why Lease My Roof for Solar?


         In 2014, almost 6,200 megawatts of solar photovoltaics were installed. In 2015 it is expected to grow by 16 to 25%, making solar the fastest growing source of renewable energy in the US. As solar grows and becomes cheaper than non-renewable energy sources, more and more people will turn to solar as their main form of electricity production. Why wait when you can be a part of the solar revolution today? 

You are probably thinking that the way to go is to install panels on your roof for your personal consumption. However, I am here to tell you that there is another option. Would you believe that there are companies, like Clean Footprint, that will pay you to lease your roof space? It is a great way to make money off an otherwise unused part of your property. For example, with Clean Footprint’s Solar Site Lease program,

 we lease your roof space to install solar panels and sell the electricity to an organization that wishes to use solar-generated electricity. For more information about the Solar Site Lease program, click here. So, why would you install solar on your roof for someone else’s use? Well, there are three primary reasons. First, you may not need much electricity for your building but you have a lot of property. Second, Clean Footprint will pay you to lease your roof, turning unused space into a revenue-generating asset. Third, by providing roof space to host a solar array, you are helping the environment for generations to come. Whether for personal benefit or as a part of something bigger, installing solar will benefit you in more ways than one.       

         The roof is the most common place to install a solar array. It provides convenient access for maintenance while keeping the array out of the way of everyday life. Naturally, some roofs are better suited for solar than others. These “better” roofs are either flat or have a south-facing tilt. This allows the panels to maximize the amount of sunlight they absorb each day. Additionally, fewer obstacles on the roof mean more solar panels can be installed.  Another aspect to consider when choosing a good roof is roof area. Larger roofs are ideal because they can host more solar. This also plays into the supply/demand aspect of solar. If you have a large roof that could fit a one-megawatt solar array, but you only need 20 kilowatts, then installing solar for your personal consumption does not make as much sense. However, installing solar for an organization that uses a megawatt of electricity makes more sense. By allowing Clean Footprint to install solar on your unused roof, you are helping to generate renewable electricity for an organization that really needs the capacity. That is great for the organization who will be using the electricity, but what is in it for you?        

          Clean Footprint will pay you to lease your roof. At this point you might be thinking that you want your own solar array that provides electricity for your building, not someone else’s building. Clean Footprint does also offer the option to install your own personal solar array through a power purchase agreement (PPA), where you essentially buy solar electricity from Clean Footprint. Although the PPA is a great choice for some, the financial benefits may not be as ideal as leasing your roof; the array can only be big enough to offset your electricity demand. So, back to our previous example, if you have a large roof but only a 20kW electricity demand, it might make more sense to use the space to install a megawatt of solar electricity for someone else’s use. You wouldn’t get the solar, but the lease payments would exceed your PPA savings leaving you with more money overall. Leasing your roof is also lower risk than the PPA. When you lease your roof to Clean Footprint, we assume all the risk of owning the solar array. You will receive a bonus upfront for your roof in addition to quarterly payments for the duration of the lease. This is all you need to be concerned with. Clean Footprint handles everything from financing and permitting to installation and maintenance of the array. This creates a risk-free way for you to earn some extra money from an unused part of your building.        

          Not only are you getting paid for your roof space, but you also get bragging rights to your customers, clients, and competitors. You are able to show the community that you have made the choice to “go green” and are making a positive impact on the environment. Advertising that you have installed solar is a great marketing tool to attract customers/clients who are environmentally conscious. It also gives you an edge over your competitors in that regard. Additionally, solar is a wonderful way to reduce your carbon footprint, even if your footprint is small to begin with. Solar panels do not produce or emit any greenhouse gasses. They are noise-less and can be easily hidden from view on your roof. Probably the best benefit of solar panels, is that solar is a renewable form of energy. The sun is constantly outputting energy in the form of sunlight, and taking advantage of this natural resource does not deplete it. So, not only will installing solar panels on your roof benefit the organization using the electricity, it will benefit you and it will benefit the environment.          

          Leasing your roof to Clean Footprint is a wonderful way to get involved with solar. You will be helping to provide solar electricity to an organization that can’t host solar on their own roof. You will also be paid. It sounds like a no brainer to turn an unused area into a risk-free, revenue-generating asset. Your surrounding community and environment will thank you for taking a step towards ameliorating the world around you. Now is the time to look at solar as a profitable form of renewable energy generation. If you would like to get more information specific to your roof, please give us a call at (321) 615-4424 or visit us online. We are also interested in ground area for the same purpose, so if you have a large field or unused portion of your lot and are interested in putting a solar array on it in exchange for cash, please check our Solar Site Lease program for ground mounted systems or contact us.

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Eliza Porter

Eliza Porter

Eliza is the Chief Learning Officer for Clean Footprint. As the Chief Learning Officer, she is responsible for writing and editing blogs, e-books, videos and white papers as well as other learning content created for Clean Footprint’s developer partners and clients. Eliza attended New York University in Paris, France and studied Global Liberal Studies before moving to Florida and joining the Clean Footprint team. She also studied Business and Entrepreneurship at the University of Central Florida.